Lay is a Yoga & Wellness retreat located in northeast Cornwall. The existing building was constructed in 1937 by renowned architects Walter Gropius and Maxwell Fry, notable figures of modern architecture and design. Crafted from timber, the house showcases a hardwood frame and cladding made of dark Canadian redwood cedar. Gardens wrap the house on all sides, providing an incredible sense of rural seclusion. 

The house is composed in an L-shape, with a single-storey northern wing and a two-storey main block to the south under a mono pitch roof with deep eaves. 

While working on the proposed floor plans, I prioritised preserving the existing building’s remarkable character. I also made sure to preserve the existing layout where possible, whilst optimising the available space. My design process aimed to accentuate the connection to nature by incorporating natural materials. Reclaimed elements like old tiles, stone, brick, and wood were carefully selected, blending harmoniously with modern design influences through furniture and decor choices. 

The retreat was envisioned to evoke the ambiance of an artist’s home, where diverse art and design influences merge, creating a lived-in and captivating atmosphere. The goal was to make the space feel vibrant and intriguing, inviting guests to explore and discover the stories within.

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