Restaurant 'Brotzeit' is a modern German restaurant in South East London that focuses on adding a modern and plant-based twist to traditional German recipes. With a large emphasis on baking, they particularly use ancient seeds, flours and grains. Their baked goods are available for purchase through a takeaway window or can be enjoyed during meals in the restaurant.

The original structure is a concrete building with a distinctive triangular shape that was constructed in 2017. A significant focus lays on the contrast between the existing grey concrete frame and newly incorporated wooden-framed windows and doors, creating a warmer ambiance. The choice of 'pastel lemon yellow' for certain internal walls also adds to this. Another important design element is the balustrade of the mezzanine level, crafted from reclaimed glass bricks, which are also repeated in the backdrop wall of the staircase.

The restaurant is divided into three areas. Upon entering through the main door, guests are greeted by the bar area on the ground floor, with tables positioned alongside the windows and additional seating behind the bar. The kitchen and toilets are situated on this level as well.

The vibrant blue staircase takes you to the first floor, where you'll discover a relaxed dining section featuring corner bench seating and tables aligned along the mezzanine balustrade. There is also an additional, more moody dining space located on this level, characterised by wood-panelled walls and tables suitable for larger groups. The mirrored concrete columns add an elevated and interesting feel to the space. 

Overall I’ve been influenced by German and Nordic design, mixing contemporary design with vintage influences.

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